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by L. Michelle


I love getting out of the house. A good day for me is to load up the ice chest, grab my jacket and the camera, gas up Rhonda, and head down a freeway with the iPod cranked up. Fortunately for me, the Bay Area has many freeways, expressways, and lots to experience.

Close to home in Sunnyvale, or Funnyvale as I like to call it.
Over the HillOver the Hill
I really enjoy taking day trips over hill, through the woods, and to the ocean. It touches something basic, the smell of redwoods and the ocean. My favorite routes are Highway 84, 1, 92, and 35.
San Francisco AreaSan Francisco Area
South Bay-centric, I find The City a nice place to visit but…however, there are a lot of great views and scenes in and around San Francisco to photograph. I try to capture a few.
Rest of the WorldRest of the World
Yes, I do get out of California occasionally. Here's the evidence.