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Flower Power

Fascination is a word I apparently use a lot in connection with taking pictures of flowers. Flowers overtake me with their beauty, natural design, and fantastic range of colors. I almost always have a flower around. They inspire me. And thank the person who invented macro mode. A fascinating world.

I've been growing mine for awhile now. It's with quiet anticipation that I wait for them to blossom each year. I'm in love with the purple/green color combination (see photolog colors).
I don't grow these, but they remind me of special occassions: corsages for dinners, anniversary bouquets, Mother's Day surprise, great dates. It's hard to capture that feeling, so I just try to photograph their beauty.
Blue FlowersBlue Flowers
Ordinarily I don't care for blue flowers as they remind me of the dyed blue carnations from my grandfather's funeral. But there are a few beautiful naturally-blue flowers.
Orange FlowersOrange Flowers
I'm getting to like orange flowers better.
Pink FlowersPink Flowers
Some people don't care for pink flowers, too girly, but pink is really versatile going from sugar to spice.
Purple FlowersPurple Flowers
I must be in my purple phase because I'm drawn to purple flowers. See irises.
Red FlowersRed Flowers
I see red flowers before I see anything else. I can't get enough.
White FlowersWhite Flowers
They always remind me of January. They're like spring's wake-up call getting you ready for all the multi-colored flowers to come.
Yellow FlowersYellow Flowers
Yellow flowers are so happy. Makes me smile.