Michelle Web Domination Campaign

This is Headquarters for the Michelle Web Domination Campaign where we organize, strategize, and realize our common dream for total Web Domination. Mu-haha!


Michelles Of The Web
We're Michelle And We're Proud!

Michelles Who Don't Spell Their Name Right
I can't really hold it against them. Their parents made them spell it that way.

Grounded Eagles
Despite the handicap of no webpage, these Michelles are still out there telling their Michelle stories.

My Michelle
My experience with the name Michelle.

Spread The M-Word
See how Michelles are incorporating Michelle into the English language. We are a creative bunch.

Michelle The Cadence
Not the wussie song.

Michelle Service Awards
Download your Golden Eagle Award here. Create your own ribbon bar showing your many Michelle accomplishments on your homepage. Let the Web know just who they're dealing with.

Believe It Or Not
There Are People Out There Who Aren't Named Michelle. Yeah. I know.


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