A Day in the Life of an Unemployed Web Designer
Ms. Unemployed

While looking at Cameron's Great Day and seeing the pictures of him going to work *sniff*, and going to lunch with people at work *sniff*, and him coming home from work *sniff*, I was inspired to show the other side of the coin.

So, here it is: March 27, 2001, an ordinary day in the life of an unemployed web designer. And yes, that's me looking for work during the 5 o'clock rush hour traffic at the corner of First Street and Tasman in San Jose surrounded by Cisco, Samsung, and the University of Phoenix. And no, I didn't get a job, but I did collect enough change for the laundry.

Sweatin to the Oldies

I figured if I'm going to be an unemployed person, I'm going to be a skinnier unemployed person. First thing in the morning, let's get this outta the way.

Jimmy: Half cocker, half weiner dog

Of course, I have an audience. Jimmy Mo Jammin Johnson, or Mr. Cupcake as he is also known...

Beegus: African Gray

...and Sweetest Beegus...

Teddy: Half border collie, half brindl something or other

...and Ever-Ready Teddy Bettie.

They didn't bloom last year, maybe this year

The morning is a good time to water my irises that haven't bloomed yet.

Checkin email

I get online and check my email, read my mailing lists, and post a request for info on a local job fair.

In sync: mu-haha

While my Palm syncs up, I have tomato juice for breakfast. Yum.

The Want Ads

It's a long shot, but I check Sunday's want ads.

The Want Ads

Now, which earrings shall I wear today?

My interview ensemble

My interview clothes just waiting for an interview.

Under the hood

Time to get outta the house. But first, I check under Rhonda's hood.


She's such a pretty girl.

Late Videos

I drop off some late videos at Blockbuster...

Standing in line

...and then stand in line at Starbucks for my triple grande mocha in a venti cup (I'm messy when driving and Rhonda doesn't like mocha running down her door).

Fire Engines

The firemen have parked their fire engines right out front. WooHoo! Here's a red one and a yellow one.

Safeway's hiring

While picking up a few groceries, I see that Safeway's hiring. I wonder if they need a web designer?

Friendly dudes

At the stoplight, a friendly dude asks me if Philips makes light bulbs. I say I don't know, but can I take your picture?

Dead Robin

Awww, a dead robin in the driveway.

Lean lunches

Into the freezer: stocking up on leaness.

Checking phone messages

Ooooo, two phone messages. Interviews? No, I'm being spam faxed again on my answering machine.

Checking email

I check my email again (you never know)...

Checking email

...and print out a good copy of my resume.

Daily focus

Since I forgot it this morning after exercising, I do my daily focus now.

Another Pink Slip Party

Afterwards I register for the San Jose Pink Slip Party for Thursday. It's one of those rocks I haven't looked under yet.

The important things

Before leaving the house again, I make sure my soaps are recording.

Great driving music

I crank up ye olde God Smack as I pull out of the driveway.

No gas, no go

Rhonda's thirsty.


I go to Kinkos to print up my resumes. The clerk says over 100 is half price. I say I have 101, does that count? Apparently not. It still cost me $26.38.

One Infinity Loop

Since I'm close to Apple, I decide to drop by and say hey to Steve and see if OSX will let me sync up with my Palm yet.

Proper burial

When I get home, the robin is still laying in the driveway. I decide to bury it in a nice shady corner next to Blueberry, Sherah's blue parakeet that passed on to Birdy Heaven.

Email...one more time

I check one last time on the email...

Email...one more time

...before watching One Life to Live and General Hospital (Honey doesn't care for sitting through three hours of soaps and only watches All My Children) while stapling my resumes together.

Lunch and a book

Finally lunch and a 'hysterical novel'.

Making it safe for the school kids

On the way to pick up Honey from work, I see the crossing guard at his post.

Palm and Avantgo: good combo

While waiting for Honey, I read Dave's (another web designer who got laid off) Greasy Skillet.

Honey: the company man

Heeeere's Honey. Awww, poor baby has to wear a uniform to work.

Sears Pick Up

At Sears, I pick up the stationary bike that I ordered as a last splurge. I don't talk to a human being until the end when a guy brings out my box.


During 5 o'clock rush hour traffic, I plead my case to those getting off work, but get no takers. The things that you'll do for a web page.

Frank and 900 mgs of caffiene

Frank stops by while I'm putting my bike together.

No excuses now

Voila! My stationery bike that will take my pulse, has a place for my cup, and a book holder too.

Quarter pounder no cheese

Supper: hey, I gave the fries to the dog.

Still Dead Ed not dead

Ed tries out my bike.

Poor Rhonda

When Honey goes to get bird food at the pet store, Rhonda doesn't start. He gets a jump from someone. How thoughtful of Rhonda, waiting to konk out until I had finished all of my running around.

The end of the day

Everyone's gone to bed but me.
Good night.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the Bugs Bunnies bite.

© 1995-2009 by L. Michelle Johnson

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